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The Singapore Companies Act is a lengthy piece of legislation. Instead of navigating the numerous compliance and reporting requirements under the Act on their own, companies wishing to concentrate on their core business can outsource this aspect of statutory compliance matters to professional service providers like us. Corporate House is a duly registered Filing Agent qualified to attend to filings with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”).


Corporate House provides all salient aspects of corporate secretarial services, including the following:


  • Annual statutory and regulatory compliance in Singapore and other jurisdiction.

  • Convening,  attending board and general meetings, assisting Chairman with the proceedings of meetings.

  • Custody and maintenance of Minutes Books, Register of Directors and Secretary, Register of Transfer and Register of Charges; requisite lodgments in respect of electronic Register of Members maintained by ACRA.

  • Amendments to Company Constitution.

  • Communicate with shareholders when company undergoes corporate exercises.

  • Advising on and assisting public listed clients in Singapore on SGX continuing listing compliance requirements and reporting obligations.

  • Share Capital restructuring such as share buy-back. capital reduction, share capital redenomination, creating classes of shares, mergers and acquisitions, amalgamation and  joint ventures.

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