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Registered Office Address


A registered office is required for all Singapore incorporated companies. Communications from ACRA and other government departments are usually served to this address. Corporate House deals with the receipt and care of official documents and correspondences for clients.

Provision of Professional Secretaries


It is the board of directors’ duty to ensure that the secretary appointed by the company has the requisite experience to carry out the duties of a corporate secretary. Corporate House has a panel of professional secretaries, a majority of whom are practising lawyers, on hand to provide their services and expertise as professional corporate secretaries.

Administration of Share Option and/or  Share Award Scheme


Corporate House assists companies with their share option and /or share award schemes by working with management in the administration of these schemes by preparing necessary documentation from grant of options/awards to exercise/vesting of the same to registration, allotment and listing of the new shares on the SGX, as the case maybe.


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